STIE ICON PROJECT YEAR : 30 Jun 2019 ~ 28 Jul 2019

FEALAC Short Course Student Exchange Program 2019

1. To provide opportunities for the participating students from FEALAC member countries to learn about Thai culture and multiculturalism, business environment and tourism in Thailand as well as the awareness of sustainable development in Thai culture and society, business, and tourism, 2. To foster better understanding and connection between students in FEALAC member countries, 3. To encourage greater student mobility in East Asia and Latin America region, and 4. To increase academic collaboration among the FEALAC member countries.

TITM ICON PROJECT YEAR : 11 Sep 2018 ~ 13 Sep 2018

"Exchange of Experiences in Electronic Phytosanitary Certification"

Background: An ePhyto system is a computer system through which phytosanitary certificates are prepared and electronically exchanged between National Plant Protection Organizations. “Electronic exchange” means the sending and receiving of ePhytos between two countries. An ePhyto is the electronic version of a phytosanitary certificate in XML format. All the information contained in a paper phytosanitary certificate is also in the ePhyto. ePhytos can be exchanged electronically between countries or the data printed out on paper. ePhytos are produced in accordance with ISPM 12 including Appendix 1. The adoption of ePhytos facilitates speedy and secure transmission of phytosanitary certificates between trading parties thus eliminating fraudulent certificates. The ePhyto Project aims to facilitate trade through connection to a Hub for exchange plus the Generic ePhyto National System (GeNS) for developing countries. This system will eventually replace phytosanitary certificates in paper and would create opportunities to facilitate phytosanitary exchange in an innovative, cost effective, and globally harmonised electronic environment. It will promote economic growth of participating economies through lower certification costs and enhance trade facilitation. Given the wide acceptance of the project for the exchange of experiences in electronic phytosanitary certification systems between Latin American and East Asian countries, and considering the need to have a plan for the implementation of such exchange of experiences, the continuation of the proposal is submitted. Project purpose: Development of a strong collaborative relationship between Argentina and Australia on ePhyto to deliver key project objectives of: 1. Enhance internal expertise in ePhyto for Argentina and Australia. 2. Establish Argentina and Australia as leading nations for ePhyto within respective regions. 3. Accelerate the implementation of ePhyto in the NPPOs within respective regions. 4. Promote ePhyto through regions via multilateral institutions (eg. FEALAC, APEC and G20)

CYGS ICON PROJECT YEAR : 27 Aug 2018 ~ 30 Aug 2018

2018 FEALAC Youth Summit

- To enhance mutual understanding and develop a network among future leaders from the two regions through joint research and activities - To increase awareness on FEALAC and knowledge on multilateral cooperation within FEALAC

CYGS ICON PROJECT YEAR : 21 Aug 2018 ~ 22 Aug 2018

2nd Meeting of the Network of Cultural Cities of FEALAC


SPCSD ICON PROJECT YEAR : 18 Jun 2018 ~ 06 Jul 2018

Natural Disasters Management

The Objectives of the Program are: This training course aims at sharing Thailand’s experiences in the application of community-based natural disaster management in situations, such as earthquake, tsunami, floods, landslides and sinking holes, both before and after the event. At the end of this course, participants are expected to; 1. Gain knowledge on natural disaster and risk management. 2. Understand how to create network among stakeholders in natural disaster preparedness and awareness in their countries. 3. Be able to develop relevant plans and policies to improve effectiveness of natural disaster and risk management of their respective countries.

SPCSD ICON PROJECT YEAR : 11 Jun 2018 ~ 29 Jun 2018

The Integration of Sufficiency Economy for Empowerment on Mobilizing Sustainable Development

The Objectives of the Program are: 1. To enhance knowledge and understanding on Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) and Sustainable Development, especially, in accordance to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) as well as relevant development concepts. 2. To develop the participants’ skill in applying SEP in multi-dimensional areas, namely, economic, social, and environment. 3. To support exchanging experiences on Sustainable Development in multi-dimensional areas among participants in terms of Knowledge Management (KM). 4. To encourage participants to apply knowledge, skill and experience acquired from the training to implement in their countries in terms of operational planning.

TITM ICON PROJECT YEAR : 17 Feb 2018 ~ 13 Mar 2018

Forest-based Eco-tourism Management in Thailand

The Objectives of the Program are: 1. Understand concept of community-based eco-tourism management and its contribution to sustainable forest conservation. 2. Understand economic, social and environmental implication as well as roles of all stakeholders in forest-based eco-tourism management. 3. Be able to formulate relevant plans and policies applicable to the case of their respective countries.

STIE ICON PROJECT YEAR : 05 Feb 2018 ~ 09 Feb 2018

Seminar on Creative Industries in Digital Convergence

Argentina is fostering cooperation between countries, people and companies on creative industries as generators of solutions for society. Argentina believes it is a theme of high relevance for all, especially today that digital platforms provide spaces for daily encounters. This is a topic that has to do with people, companies and countries, no matter their size or the resources they may have. It is a theme that unites, equals and essentially represents an opportunity for all. That is why we support the development of this new economy, based on the collaboration of people, companies, the state and the academic community. Therefore, we are inviting East Asia and Oceania to think about our future and start building it together, in a series of major international events such as a BIE Specialized Exhibition in 2023, for which Argentina has presented its candidacy under the theme ‘creative industries in digital convergence’.


The 10th Promoting East Asia Latin America Exchange Through Cultural Festival

Since 2003, Viet Nam introduced the project “East Asia – Latin America Cultural Exchange in Hue Festival - an event held every two years in the ancient capital of Hue. (To be updated)


Building new Technology Capacities for SMEs

MINCYT is currently involved in the European Business Network, a program that offers a platform for linking technology-based SMEs and research centers with the aim of developing joint projects, exchanging technology, or applying to European projects and that allows for the inclusion of third countries. The MINCYT is interested in identifying agencies capable to connect with Singapore`s SMEs in order to focus on their industry and technology needs, to develop specific joint activities through the establishment of an exchange network, emulating the EBN scheme.